Dance of Oneness®: Dance Your Passion! workshop

Dance of Oneness®: Dance Your Passion! workshop

02 Sep 20:00 - 07 Sep 12:00 - Mansons Landing

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5-day workshop with Banafsheh
Hollyhock, Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada

Dance is love made manifest. The time is NOW to connect deeply with what you truly love, to align yourself with Source energy and ignite your creative flame. In our world today, to survive and be of true service, we need to be PASSIONATELY ALIVE and PRESENT. Since "no one can truly light your flame for you and keep it alive", says Rumi, "but yourself", it is imperative to have a body/spirit based practice that serves as a cauldron to nourish this flame.

Dance of Oneness® is this kind of practice as it supports your living your fullest potential through loving your body and your Self, and living as a lover. It is dance as a spiritual path and a science of embodiment, integrating 3 dimensions: rigorous dance technique and free-style self expression; wisdom teachings; and healing. It is based in Tai Chi, Persian dance, whirling, flamenco and Middle Eastern tribal dances, Sufi teachings, Divine Feminine Wisdom, Christ Consciousness, Chinese Medicine and the Chakra system.

Join in a nurturing yet thrilling weave of guided and free-style dance set to world grooves, Rumi's poetry, whirling, chanting, yoga, meditation, wisdom teachings, a sharing circle and lots of laughter.

Through peaceful groundedness, empowered embodiment and passionate engagement and service, we live our flame to the extent that even chaos can feel like home. Once you dance your passion, you begin to dance your life!

For women and men. All levels of experience are welcome. The pre-requisite is a desire to connect your mind, body, feelings and soul through sacred movement. This workshop counts as 26 hours towards the 200/400-hr Dance of Oneness® Certification Program.

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"I felt her grounding as soon as she entered the room and I could feel the ecstasy of her dance physically in my staying with the practice, I came out of an energetically and emotionally dark space back into the bliss of my body."
Susanne Bowra, Dance Your Passion, Hollyhock, Canada 2017

Dance of Oneness® is a joyful, loving and contemplative science of embodiment and dance as a spiritual path. A fusion of three dimensions: the art of dance explored through rigorous technique and self-expression; wisdom teachings; and healing, Dance of Oneness® is based in Sufi ritual and whirling, flamenco, Persian and modern dance, trance, Tai chi and Chi gong. Sufi teachings and the poetry of Rumi, divine feminine wisdom, Gurdjieff Work, Chinese Medicine and the Chakra system are the theoretical groundwork.

Banafsheh, MFA, Dance; MA, Chinese Medicine, is a Persian sacred dancer and transformational teacher. She performs and teaches internationally, initiating thousands into their body wisdom, inspiring people with movement’s healing and freeing powers.

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